April 10, 2019 at 12:04pm | Lavinia Goodloe
Before a house goes on the market, you are not only selling your home, you are also promoting the aspirations of prospective buyers, selling them on the vision they have of themselves in your home. While those aspirations may vary, there are some surefire actions you can take to make your house look like someone's dream home:
  • Clean, clean, clean: If the house looks and smells clean, potential buyers will have an easier time focusing on how they see themselves.
  • The rule of 3s: There should be no more than 3 items on any given surface. Less leaves more to the imagination so, the more you can declutter, the better it is.
  • Safety First: Along those lines, make sure that stairs are clear, wires aren't exposed, and people can walk through your house safely.
  • Sentimentality begone: Selling your home can be one of the most difficult things to do, especially if you have lived there a while or have taken the time to make it your own. However, what makes it "homey" for you may make it "dated" or "outdated" for someone else. Stowing away old items and replacing front door mats or heavily used carpets, for example, can give a sense of newness and freshness that homebuyers are looking for.
  • Lighten Up: Lights should be on during the day or night to brighten areas. Drapes and shutters should be open during the day but can be left shut in the evening.
  • Time Out for Pets: We wrote about this extensively in our previous blog, but pets should be removed from the house if possible or kept in an area where they won't disturb the showing.
  • Time Out for You Too: Showings are a time for you to take some time for yourself. Potential buyers will feel like intruders rather than see themselves as homeowners.
  • No Need to Bake Cookies: While it is a fun idea, no scents are better than any scent. At an instinctual level, a scent defines who someone else is and, unless we guess someone's "scent," it's best we leave the space as neutral as possible.
  • Picture Perfect: Unless you plan on resurfacing and repainting walls before your showings, you can leave all photos and pictures on the wall.  Sure, it's probably better to remove all other personal items, but you already removed them when following the rule of 3s, right?
At this point we should caution you, with this overhaul and opportunity to spring clean, you may fall in love with your house again and may not want to move. If you are thinking of painting or doing any updating on the house, please talk to us first. There are some updates that bring little to no return when you sell and some paint colors that are more of a deterrent than an added feature. Until next time!

Photos by Christa Grover from Burst


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