March 25, 2019 | Lavinia Goodloe
If you have pets, the thought of selling your home may seem daunting. Somewhat, like homeowners, it's preferable for pets not to be present during a showing; however, this may not be always possible.  Here are some tips that can help:
  • CATS: During showings, even if clean, it is preferable to move the litter box to the garage. Unless they are very social, cats will likely stay out of the way of the showing so the only concern would be cat fur.
  • DOGS: While some people like to take showings as an opportunity to bring their dogs to the park or they have a friendly neighbor that will take their dog, this may not always be an option. It's preferable to crate a dog or leave them in the dog run. Giving your dog a bone or a new toy may help them be distracted during a showing. Please remember to remove all droppings from the backyard (seems obvious but it sometimes gets missed).
  • REPTILES: even when these lovely animals are in a locked aquarium, reptiles may scare onlookers. By putting a sign on the aquarium letting people know who lives there not only blocks the view of your family critter, it also lets people know who lives there, relieving some of the mystique/fear associated with reptiles. Needless to say, tanks should be clean and free of droppings to avoid unpleasant odors.
  • FISH: Just like your home, please make sure that your aquatic friend's home is in tip-top shape.
Truly, unless your pet is a large presence that would distract a buyer from enjoying your home, the only concern should be towards odor and cleanliness... but you're doing that already, right?

Want to Send Your Dogs to Camp? 
With several locations throughout the Denver Metro area, CAMP BOW WOW comes highly recommended:

"My Dog, Leo, was only a puppy when he started going to CBW. At the time, I worked 12 hrs. a day (I had friends checking in on him at home). I started to feel very guilty and didn’t want him to be along the majority of the day. My solution was CBW! I went to the facility, we had an interview and he started camp the next day! It was a great feeling knowing that he was being well taken care of and that I could see it him at all times via the CBW website. I would watch him interact with other dogs, running around and playing, as well as see how the staff treated him and the others. It was such a relief to learn that he really enjoyed his time there! The staff at CBW is WONDERFUL! They all new Leo by name and that I was his owner. I would walk in the door to pick him up and they would give me a report on his day – i.e. if he ate all his food, if he met new friends and who he liked to play with. I love CBW and would recommend them to anyone with a dog of any age! Having him there brought me great peace of mind." -Robbin Price

"After a bad experience with another doggie daycare where our puppy came home anxious and scared we were grateful to find Camp Bow Wow. The staff is friendly and patient with the puppies and their owners. The boys come home happy and tired from a long day of play. And I love that we can log on to the app and watch them play while they are there." -Michelle Tuttle

*Doberman Photo by Scott Murdochfrom Burst
*Pug Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst


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